Centos 8 Desktop (Workstation) Kickstart File

Being a long time user of Fedora and a frequent browser on their discourse. I quite often see posts, where users do not want to move on from a version of Fedora which they consider stable, but the version is EOL. These sort of posts are quite often followed with suggestions to use Centos rather than Fedora. Problem with this is that Centos is more of a server distro, and although its possible to install a desktop environment, it isn’t as straight forward as it is with other distros. This is why I have created a kickstart file:


Which I hope takes the hardwork out setting Gnome-workstation with Centos 8. It also includes TLP to improve battery life, is only enabled on Laptops. I looked at the way Fedora does this, but this would require changes to kernel; which is beyond the scope of this project.

Thanks Again, all comments are welcome,


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